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Below are some other Discordian web sites, hopefully you will find them as joyful and helpful as I have.
I hope to have more links soon.
Until then be marry and live long and prosper.
Hail Eris and good day

THE PRINCIPIA DISCORDIA__or, how I found the Goddess and what I did to her when I found her. The Magnum Opiate of Malaclypse the Younger.

JARGON DICTIONARY__If you want to find the meaning to most all discordian slang this is the site that explains it.

DISCORDIAN LINKS__A great site to find other discordian sites by subject and keyword.

DISCORDIA__From the mind of K.Buxton. Full of farout links, one of the best discordian sites I've been to.

R.A.W.__The unofficial Robert Anton Wilson web site. This site is far out, you need to check this one out for yourself. fnord

BROKEN WING CABAL___This is a realy cool new site which includes the "Discordian Society Super Secret Cryptographic Cypher Code Generator". Just like the code graph in "The Principa Discordia", but this one dose it for you.