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Once again we are faced with a situation that will test our nation in more ways than one. Once again the United States goes to war, which means that more of our fellow citizens will face death for their country. Normally I stand against most military actions against another country, but this time I support the military action being taken. This change of heart is for the same reason I do not view the September 11th terrorist attack as an attack upon the United States, the loss of innocent life. The passengers of the hijacked jet liners and the people who were in the Trade Centers at the time of the attack were not just Americans but people of different races from all over the world; many of the people were from the Middle East. Therefore, I do not see this terrorist action as an attack the United States but an attack on the human race.
As the head of the Hattiesburg, MS chapter of the Latter-day Saints of Discordia (L.S.D.), I Chaplin Zinger E.W.E.D., K.S.C., A.B.C. as a Citizen of this Planet which we call Earth who call ourselves Human Beings, declare a state of distress in honor for not only the dead and missing but the families of these human beings. To signify this declaration I will be flying my flag upside down, which signifies a state of distress. I will be doing this for the full duration of this war, and in doing this I will also be declaring that I love and care for my fellow human-beings.
I invite any who wish to join me in this action and turn your flag upside down. By doing this you will not only be declaring yourself as a human being of this Planet which we call Earth but you will also say to the world that, with all your heart that you love and care for your fellow human beings.

Peace and love to all human beings,

Questions and/or coments concerning the above declaration please feel free to E-mail Chaplin Zinger @