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Latter-day Siants of Discordia
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Disorganizational matrix
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L.S.D. is an acronym for "The Latter-day Saints of Discordia". The only way that the "Latter-day Saints of Discorda (L.S.D.)" and the drug "LSD" can be compared to each other is that both are a mind opening experience.
Kwizod Paradox M.M., K.S.C., T.G.M.T., is the High Priest of L.S.D., sometimes called Polyfather.
L.S.D. Was first founded somewhere near Austin Texas during the mid-nineteen-ninties and has since developed a branch in a "provadince of redneckum" somewhere in Sothern Mississippi, which is headed by Chaplin Zinger E.W.E.D., K.S.C., A.B.C.. There is rumor that Kwizod is somewhere near L.A. Califiornia and is presently working on starting an L.A. branch of L.S.D.
L.S.D. has not registered, incorporated, or otherwise chartered with the State, and so the State does not recognize L.S.D. or L.S.D. Ordinations, which is only fair, because L.S.D. does not recognize the State.
L.S.D. has 5 DEGREES:
There is the neophyte, or L.S.D. DISCIPLE-POPE.
The L.S.D. DEACON, who is catching on.
The HIGH PRIEST, the Polyfather.
L.S.D. DISCIPLES are authorized to initiate others as members into the Latter-day Saints of Discordia
PRIESTS appoint their own DEACONS. The POLYFATHER ordains priests.